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Streetsville, Mississauga with Alina and Dan

Mississauga Engagement Photographer: As a photographer, I have the opportunity to go to many different parks and locations. This time, we were in Mississauga, Ontario, for Alina and Dan's engagement photos. This session was a lot of fun - we spent time chatting about food (my favourite), facts of Mississauga - in 2018, I saw Mississauga for the veeerryyyy first time. Having lived in Waterloo for most of my life, I haven't had the need to go to Mississauga! But there is so much to see! Mississauga has an amazing outdoors scene - I love all the trails, and who doesn't like walking by the lake shore? Alina and Dan's session was at Streetsville Memorial Park - this is also where the Bread and Honey Festival happens - goals for this year!

Alina and Dan are a super down-to-earth couple who were super easy to get along with. And fun fact: Alina has been a model in front the camera before! Lucky me! AND I absolutely can't wait to photograph her dress for her wedding - Alina messaged me with a picture of her dress, and it is STUNNING!

As a couple, however, I feel like Alina and Dan complement each other very well:

Dan, what do you love the most about Alina?

Alina's strong sense of integrity, and honesty. She is a kind and beautiful soul, who thinks about others; she always wants to make a positive impact on other people. Also having many similar interests such as our likes in music, and similar sense of humor.

Alina, what do you love the most about Dan?

I love how kind-hearted, compassionate, and how much of a critical thinker he is. He never takes things at face value and takes the time to research and get to the bottom of any topic he comes across in life.

^^^ That researching to get to the bottom of things - I relate to this!

Similarly, I love his desire to always learn new things about the world. He always has interested tidbits to share about science, technology, psychology and other things that he reads up on just because! I love his intelligence, curiosity, and similar sense of humor, and that he never takes life too seriously. He doesn't get hung up on the small things in life and it serves as a good reminder for me when small things in life start frustrating me. I also love that he has a big silly side to him, but he also knows when to be serious.

I can't wait for your big day Alina and Dan!!

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