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meet Supriya!

meet Marcello!

Hey, writing a personal bio is kinda difficult, but I'll do my best!

I am the main photographer and owner at Chasing Moments. I started wedding photography in 2015, and since then, I have grown so much in my art, and have found a passion for perfecting how I serve my couples!

You can often find me at local coffee shops in Hamilton, (or Burlington!) I am a huge believer in supporting local businesses, and so I do my best to do my part.


I am a fan of waterfronts. One of my favourite pastimes is to go to the Burlington waterfront and buy myself some gelato from I love Gelato - And of course, it absolutely has to be a combination of mango and some other funky flavour. 

When I first meet couples for weddings, I try to suggest local coffee or ice cream shops. Why? Because I seriously think that our first meeting should be relaxed and should give us an idea of each other's personalities. The last thing you want is a stranger crashing your wedding day. And the last thing WE want is to work with a couple who feels uncomfortable with us.

Having said that, if you love Mexican food, craft beer, and running through the woods on your wedding day:

  1. allow me to take you to Mesa

  2. let's check out Grain and Grit (I'm a local member at this brewery!)

  3. let's put on some bug spray and have a blast on your wedding day!

- Supriya

A bio about me!?


I'd rather be the person behind the lens. Well all right, I guess if you are reading this right now, there is a chance we could be working together!  


Photography has always given me a sense of duty, which is something that I crave.  I’ve always loved attending events as ‘the photographer’, and I love adventuring to new places with my camera in hand as if I am on a scavenger hunt with no particular checklist.  

As a wedding photographer, I enjoy working outside of a photo studio and scoping out and capturing landscape photo opportunities to capture a comprehensive feel of the environment the couple has chosen.

Besides photography and adventures, I get as much satisfaction from learning about the experiences and perspectives that other people hold.  I am the type of person that will listen to a song if you recommend it to me and I never order the same thing from the sushi restaurant twice.  


Photography has always been an avenue for me to meet many new and interesting people. Everyone I have met has something insightful to share about just life in general. It always makes me happy when a couple has a special place or idea for a photo that represents a personal experience that they both share together.  I’d love to get to know you and your significant other, to explore your favourite places, and bring it to life through photography!

Can't wait to meet you!

- Marcello

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