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What is an Associate Photographer?

If you have been following our work for a while, you know that we are a two-person team. And like many small businesses, we are limited by the number of days in the year that we can offer wedding photography services. So, we have made the decision to hire a team of associate photographers.

Who is an associate photographer?

An associate photographer is an experienced photographer who works with us to photograph weddings. They are familiar with our style of photography and are also trained in the way we work. This means that they can offer the same experience that we do to our couples.

Here is a sample set of images photographed by one of our team's associates. It had rained, and the timeline was thrown off, but they absolutely killed it!

Why is booking an associate photographer more cost-effective?

A photography business has many overhead costs, including the cost of running the business, marketing, various editing software, and paying employees. When an associate photographer is hired, these costs are eliminated. This means that they don't have to worry about the time and monetary commitment to the business side of things in photography. This allows us to pass on those savings to our couples. This also leaves more time for them to focus on you and your wedding day.

The associate photographer will be the one who shows up to your wedding day, ready to rock and roll. After your wedding, the photographer will pass your images along to us to get them ready for your online gallery and products. We will still be involved in every step of the process, from booking through the delivery of your wedding gallery.

More availability

With a growing business, we often just run out of weekends that we can offer our couples. And so, this is where having a solid associate team comes in handy. They are trained in our shooting style, so they can step in and fill those gaps on our calendar. This way, you're not left without a photographer on your wedding day!

Will we get to meet this photographer?

You absolutely will! We want you to be comfortable with whoever is photographing your wedding day. So we will introduce you to your photographer beforehand. We want you to feel confident that you're in good hands, and so we'll make sure that you're comfortable with your photographer before your big day.

How do I book an associate photographer?

If you're interested in booking an associate photographer for your wedding, please get in touch with us! We would love to chat with you about availability and see if they would be a good fit for your wedding day. Thanks so much for considering us!

We hope this gives you a more clear understanding of what to expect when you hire us! As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're happy to chat with you about your wedding day vision and how we can help make it a reality.

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