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Welcome 2019 - feat. The Wedding Ring!

So, it seems that it's taken me exactly 10 days to FINALLY make a blog post about my goals in the new year. Better late, than never!

Folks, here's the news: I got published in the Wedding Ring! I'm proud that I've grown from a beginner to "published in a magazine." You can see the online version of the magazine here.

Inspired, this year, I'm looking forward to learn more about what I can do with a camera. In particular, I want to share my work that's not wedding related! This also means that I want to go on many adventures. Hamilton, Ontario, where I currently live, has plenty of waterfalls and trails. I intend on photographing each and every one of them - well that's a little over ambitious, but point being, I want to share more of my city, my family, and my friends with you.

Thanks to one of my friends, I've also taken up salsa (not the eating kind - the dancing kind). I have two left feet, but let's what this year has to offer!

Finally, I want to share my growth with you this year. For the most part, I'm a very private person on social media, but I feel that blogging helps me gather my thoughts, and reach out to YOU reading this page.

And, that's all for now.


P.S. I want to hear about your goals! Leave me a comment below - you might even inspire me. I'm a big believer in sharing goals. It's one way to organize your thoughts, and get ahead of the curve.

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