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Stratford Engagement: Mackenzie and Ryan's Magical Evening

Stratford Engagement Photographer: As a photographer in Stratford, Ontario, Shakespeare Gardens is absolutely the most magical place during the Christmas season. There was pretty snow, homey tea shops, and yes, even some amazing coffee - you know I'm a fan of coffee!

Things I loved about this day:

1. The colours of against white snow just POPPED - and I loved how the photos turned out

2. It was a very quiet day - not a lot of traffic, in terms of both cars and people!

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY - I got to connect with Ryan and Mackenzie!

One of the perks about wedding and engagement photography is that I have the chance to meet people from all walks of life. And you know what, every couple is unique in the sense that they have their quirks, but guess what, the raw emotion of love is a common factor across every couple that I meet. Now, my job as a photographer however is to elicit those emotions and then capture them in my camera. It's a whole process!

The way that I like to "pose" my couples is in fluid actions, so that you aren't awkwardly cramped in one position for hours (I'm exagerrating). The following prompt was: drunk walk towards me and surprise attack each other with kisses. What I learned from this prompt with Ryan and Mackenzie: when it comes to kissing, they're competitive! But so sweet!

Ryan, what do you love about Mackenzie?

her determination, her strength, her kindness and innocence, the drive to get things done in a timely manner, her personality, her beauty. She is better than the 60 million lotto max. I already have everything I want.

Mackenzie, what do you love about Ryan?

His quirky silly personality, his open-mindedness and ability to look at all perspectives. His logical thinking counter balances my emotional thinking. I love how affectionate he is, he supports me in all aspects of my life, but guides me instead of advise me. He has stuck with me through the most difficult times of my life, being my pillar and foundation. He is a man of his word, true to his morality. He loves me unconditionally. And he makes me want to be a better person, and live a happier life. He's my soulmate, and my life feels complete with him. And he's better than a scratch ticket🤣

^These two were so free-spirited, I love it!

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