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Stratford Country Club Wedding | Mary and Shaun

Stratford Wedding Photographer: Photographing Mary and Shaun's wedding at Stratford Country Club was a lot of fun!

I would have to say that I loved the personal touches sprinkled throughout the day. This is something that makes each wedding unique. And if you are in the midst of wedding planning, you want to incorporate your identity into the wedding - that way, your wedding isn't "just any other wedding."

Shaun had pi cufflinks. Significance: Shaun has a background in math.

Below, you will see Shaun and his best man - I love their style! The boys got ready at The Festival Inn in Stratford, Ontario. Their room had the absolute perfect amount of light. And I was definitely a fan of the decor.

Tiaras - I am a fan. I think they can complete your look - especially if you're deciding to have your hair down. It's a very polished look, and Mary looked just perfect with her tiara.

The ladies decided to rent an AirBnB for while they were getting ready. And it was a great idea - it was spacious, and a great way to say thank you to the folks who needed a place to sleep after the wedding!

Now, I want to share some of what Stratford Country Club looks like.

- A lot of greenscape - which looked very pretty for the photos!

- It was a rainy day! But we managed to sneak out for some fun photos!

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