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Brenda + David

Saturday, May 29, 2021

McMaster University is one of my favourite spots for any engagement session in Hamilton. The buildings truly make it a timeless location making for stunning engagement photos no matter what season. McMaster also holds a special place in my heart, since this is where we went for our undergrad! I suggest coming during golden hour or sunset so you can enjoy the beautiful warm glow that makes people look like their best selves with such ease and grace. And this McMaster engagement session was no different! 

Brenda and David are two of the most playful people I've ever met, so it was no surprise when they wouldn't stop making each other laugh. That means my work is easy because their connection shines through in every photo! 

When we got to the McMaster campus during golden hour, it looked like a whole new place. The sun was shining and the colours were popping everywhere; this is where Brenda and David first met each other! They couldn't have chosen a better location for their engagement session.

After hanging out at McMaster, we went to Dundurn Castle and watched the sunset. It was a great way for us to capture some more photos FILLED with colour! We had quite an experience using smoke grenades; they just added a fun pop of colours to already beautiful scenery.

Brenda and David, you two are the sweetest! We are SO excited for your wedding day!!

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