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Steph + Tom

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Steph and Tom's wedding day in Kitchener Waterloo was nothing short of a fairy tale. After postponing their wedding for months because of the pandemic, they finally decided that love is a priority above all else so they eloped in their backyard surrounded by their closest friends who helped them celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. We were honoured to FINALLY see this happy couple celebrate their big day!

Typically when I arrive at a house for wedding photography, there is a lot of commotion, but as I arrived to photograph their wedding, Steph was getting into her wedding dress. The atmosphere in and around the house had a very relaxed vibe and you could really tell how excited Steph and Tom were as they were all smiles.

We made our way to Victoria Park in Kitchener for a romantic first look at Victoria Park with willow trees by the water before heading back home again, where the happy couple tied the knot.

The happy couple had set up the perfect elegant backdrop for their wedding, complete with silk draping. Witnessing this lovely wedding in person was a best man and maid of honour while friends and family celebrated virtually over an online meeting!

Once the couple was OFFICIALLY official, they kicked back and relaxed with some pizza before we headed off to Downtown Kitchener for photos.

The best part about this day is how much laughter there was! I hope you guys enjoy the day as much as I enjoyed capturing it! 🙂

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