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University Club of Toronto Wedding | Melissa and Larry

Toronto Wedding Photographer: The University Club of Toronto is a lovely place to get married - it is elegant, classy, and has a very vintage feel to the architecture.

It is also just a walking distance to Osgoode Hall - SO, EVEN MORE PHOTO OPS!

Quick facts about Melissa and Larry's wedding day:

1. It was on the ONE day in September when it was REALLY hot

2. Yes, we walked in the heat all the way to Osgoode Hall

3. Yes, everyone was super sweaty

4. But it was totally worth it!

I'll let the pictures showcase UCOT and Osgoode Hall:


let's chat!

(and eat tacos????)

STEP 1: Get engaged.

          (#excite #engaged #CueWeddingPlanning)

STEP 2: Book a venue.

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STEP 3: Find a dope photographer.

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 Now... if any of those hashtags make you excited... we must be a match!



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