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  • Supriya Thukral

Streetsville, Mississauga with Alina and Dan

Mississauga Engagement Photographer: As a photographer, I have the opportunity to go to many different parks and locations. This time, we were in Mississauga, Ontario, for Alina and Dan's engagement photos. This session was a lot of fun - we spent time chatting about food (my favourite), facts of Mississauga - in 2018, I saw Mississauga for the veeerryyyy first time. Having lived in Waterloo for most of my life, I haven't had the need to go to Mississauga! But there is so much to see! Mississauga has an amazing outdoors scene - I love all the trails, and who doesn't like walking by the lake shore? Alina and Dan's session was at Streetsville Memorial Park - this is also where the Bread and Honey Festival happens - goals for this year!

Alina and Dan are a super down-to-earth couple who were super easy to get along with. And fun fact: Alina has been a model in front the camera before! Lucky me! AND I absolutely can't wait to photograph her dress for her wedding - Alina messaged me with a picture of her dress, and it is STUNNING!

As a couple, however, I feel like Alina and Dan complement each other very well: