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Mae and Laz - Adventures in Waterloo

Waterloo Engagement Photographer: As a photographer in Waterloo, Ontario, I love doing engagement sessions in my hometown. When I met up with Mae and Laz, Mae suggested that we meet up in Uptown Waterloo and go for a photo walk around the area. And this was the BEST IDEA EVER!

So, let me take you for a walk through Waterloo.

We started at Town Square:

CIGI building:

The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery:

- You can see that we had PERFECT light! Golden hour - I love you.

Abraham Erb Grist Mill:

You can see what it looks from the outside here, it's GORGEOUS! If you wanna check out what it looks like from the inside, check out this wedding I shot there!

FINALLY, we went to Waterloo Park:

Waterloo Park is one of my all time favourite places in Waterloo. I have been there many times growing up, and my family loves going there during winter as well - You HAVE to check out the lights! OH, and there's a petting zoo! If you wanna say hi to Wilbur - that's the place to be!

OH, and Public Service Announcement: Going on train tracks is not safe. Kids, don't try this at home.


let's chat!

(and eat tacos????)

STEP 1: Get engaged.

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STEP 2: Book a venue.

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STEP 3: Find a dope photographer.

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 Now... if any of those hashtags make you excited... we must be a match!



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