Marcie + Gerardo

Marcie and Gerardo's wedding in St. Catharine's was so much fun to capture. We had TWO unique venues that we had the pleasure of photographing! The first being the Ridley College and the second being the Starlight Room at Club Roma - and guess what, you could see shooting stars on the magical ceiling!

One of our favourite aspects of their wedding was ALL the colours that we could work with! With a Mexican fiesta theme for the day, Marcie and Gerardo won us over. And guess what, we've realized that we don't crave only gelato - colours are a MUST! In fact, check out this blog post here, specifically with all the colours from Marcie and Gerardo's wedding - we want our couples to be excited about colour, and incorporate them in their wedding.

Marcie and Gerardo are the sweetest ever - knowing our love for spicy foods, and coffee, they sent us home with FOUR Tapatios and coffee - and listen, if you don't have Tapatio in your life, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. 

So, thank you Marcie and Gerardo for being such awesome hosts, and we truly wish you the best on your journey together as a couple!


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STEP 1: Get engaged.

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