Kayla + Jared

Kayla and Jared's wedding at their family property in Waterford ON was the best start to the summer weddings of 2019. We started the day by meeting the men at his parents' house. The preparations had been in full swing: the men had set up the ceremony space with the perfect arch and chairs, and believe it or not, their handiwork in the reception tent was even better than some of the wedding venues we've seen! Fun fact: their gifts to their guests (including us!) were adorable little hostas straight from their garden.

Once we finished photos of Jared and his groomsmen, we headed over to Kayla, where she and the ladies were preparing some mimosas for the celebration. One of the things that I remember vividly from the day is leaving with the feeling that everyone at the wedding was attending to genuinely celebrate the day. And that's the beauty of having a smaller wedding (and bridal party!) - you have the time and energy to spend with people you love, and more importantly, who love you!

Kayla and Jared chose to see each other at the ceremony when Kayla walked down the aisle. Jared DID shed a tear, and we have photographic evidence! The ceremony itself was short, sweet, and heartfelt - Rev Mary Jo Patterson had some beautiful words to say. I especially loved the small details such as the bird's nest that carried the wedding bands - pretty cool idea!

After we finished with formal photos, the reception began! The best part about the formal photos: we had all the time in the world because their wedding was at their own property! There was no time-crunch, no concerns about people leaving, there were games and drinks to keep people entertained, everyone was having a great time, and overall it was a very relaxed and open space for people to be comfortable. 


Once the first dances began, we noticed that the bubbles that Kayla had bought for the ceremony had gone unused. In an impromptu few minutes, Marcello handed out bubbles to everyone, while I got ready with my camera - and then we saw how much love surrounded Kayla and Jared as all their friends and family gathered around them. Kayla and Jared, we had so much fun at your wedding, and now we KNOW we want to work with couples who are laidback, love the outdoors, and really just want to have a good time with friends and family.



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