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Alicia + Adam

Saturday, October 26, 2019


Alicia and Adam's wedding at the PAMA Courthouse in Brampton was any history lover's dream come true. I headed over to Alicia's parents' house, where she was getting ready, and Marcello went off with the boys to capture them getting ready. Let me tell you a little about Alicia: Alicia is the sweetest bride I've ever met. She had all her wedding day accessories in one place for me so that when I'd arrive, I could do my thing and get the perfect shots that I was looking for. I most certainly did borrow some fall decor from around the house as props!

Once we finished getting ready photos, we headed over to PAMA, where the ceremony was to take place. PAMA is a historic courthouse from 1866! It was in perfect condition, and the fact that we were able to take photos here was so exciting! The first look took place in the beautiful second-floor boardroom with huge windows. This was a very special time of day, as this was the first Alicia and Adam saw each other.

Their ceremony took place in the courthouse, and a historic building like PAMA made everything feel so unique in the best possible way. Marcello had access to a balcony where he could capture a bird's eye view of everything beautiful happening.

After some more formal photos, we headed over to Culinaria, which is the Old Elliot House in Mississauga. Alicia and Adam picked out their venues very wisely, personalized to their tastes, and this is something we can say is very important with wedding photography. If you want your wedding to be unique and memorable, we highly recommend personalizing it to your tastes!

Thank you, Alicia and Adam, for such an AMAZING day!

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