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the experience


If you're reading this, that means there's a ring on that finger - we've all been waiting for it, and it's finally happened.

You're already in the wedding mindset:

Wedding Date ✓

Wedding Venue ✓

... now it's time to find a photographer.

You have a vision for your day.

And hopefully, we can help you capture your day as you see it.

We really want to make sure we are the perfect fit for you!


Step 1: The Inquiry

When you first reach out to us, we do a little happy dance. Thank you so much for considering us for your wedding! Every time we see that red dot with a new message, we feel honoured that someone as amazing as you would want us to possibly photograph your wedding!

And this is why we LOVE getting all the details from you! So, be sure to fill out that contact form with as many details as you can! And in return, we will send you information about all we offer, and other goodies to help you best prepare for your day!

Step 2: The Coffee Date

If you are in your wedding planning stages, you probably know by now the importance of meeting your vendors in person (or over Skype!) - this is so important - even more so for picking out a photographer! Your photographer is the one vendor who will be with you ALL day, so you really better love them and their work! It's also so important for us to meet you too! This is one way for us to make sure that we will be a good fit for you! 


We are laidback, and just want to have a lot of fun with you on your wedding day. We stay FAR from photos that are more posey - and love photographing the day as it naturally unfolds. That means we will capture all your belly laughs and ugly crying! 


Having said that though, we're so heckin' organized that photographing the day is a breeze - by the time it's your wedding, we know every detail about your day, so much so that we might as well be a part of your bridal party!

Step 3: We become best friends.

Making friends is hard - especially as an adult. I like to think of photography as a way to make new friends. Just kidding! (but not really). We won't be just your photographers, but we will guide you along the way - from helping you pick out outfits for your engagement session, to finalizing your wedding timeline, to having extra hairspray in our car for you on your wedding day, "we gotchu." You will be in good hands. 

the investment

Because of COVID -19, we've had to review our pricing and workflow.

Wedding packages start at $1000

Our couples will generally invest up to $2000

To receive more information on pricing and to check availability, please head on down to the contact form below, and let's talk more details soon!

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